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Question: Why is my bill so high?

There can be rate changes every month that can cause a change in your bill.  E.M.W Gas does not estimate your gas usage.

Question: Why is there a negative before my previous balance?

If you pay above what is due, your bill will reflect a credit amount (-) on the far right hand side of your bill. That amount will be deducted from the amount due on your next bill.

Our AMP customers are encouraged to send in their regular scheduled payment each month and not to send in extra without speaking to us first. AMP customers will see excess or shortage on their AMP account by looking at the left hand middle side of their bill.

Question: When does the AMP year start?

Our AMP Billing starts in July and ends the following June. We typically send out letters explaining our AMP program in March. If you are interested in being a part of the program, return a letter to us indicate your interest. You will then receive a AMP Contract from us which you must sign and return to our office.

Question: Why doesn’t the E.M.W. serviceman get out of his truck to read my meter?

Many of our meters have an ERT installed. This allows a computer in the truck to read the meter electronically as it passes by a home. Our meters can be read faster and more accurately using this system.

Question: Why is my bill so high and my neighbor’s so much lower?

Each home and business is unique in the amount of gas used. Factors such as square footage, amount of insulation, type of windows, number of gas appliances and number of people in the home all affect the amount of gas used. It is impossible to compare one home or business with another. Therefore, we do not. Dripping faucets or leaking water heaters will affect the gas usage also.

Question: Does E.M.W Gas offer assistance for low income households?

Since E.M.W. Gas Association is a non-profit organization, we offer the lowest rates and charges possible to our customers. There are a number of assistance programs who will send payments directly to E.M.W., which we will then apply to your account.

Question: When was my meter read?

In the left hand corner of your bill, below the return address, is the date your meter was read. We typically read the last week of each month.

Question: Where does E.M.W. have drop boxes?

The locations for our drop box are at US Bank in Moriarty, at the Smith’s Food and Drug store customer counter, south side wall, and at our office in Estancia.

Question: What are the different ways I can pay my bill?

You may drop your payment at one of our drop boxes, mail it to P.O. Box 118 Estancia, NM 87016, call in and pay using a Visa/Master card credit or debit card at no additional charge or pay it in person here in our office. We accept Visa,Master Card, Discover, checks, money orders/cashier’s checks or cash.

Question: Does E.M.W. Gas offer online bill pay?

Yes! We do! You can pay your bill online using Xpress Bill Pay

Question: What do I need and what are the requirements to open a new account with E.M.W.?

Your will need a rental agreement or proof of ownership such as; a settlement statement, a recorded real estate contract, a recorded warranty deed, copy of your drivers license, current mailing address, phone number, and sign the Under Pipeline Safety request or release or transfer of meter deposit and customer information booklet.

Question: What is E.M.W.’s payment policy?

We mail all bills at the 1st of the month and they are due on the 15th of the month. If we do not have payment by the 24th we start disconnections on the 25th.

Question: When is my E.M.W. Gas bill due?

We mail all bills at the 1st of the month and they are due on the 15th of the month. If we do not have payment by the 24th we start disconnections on the 25th.

Question: Does E.M.W. fix or sell appliances?

No E.M.W. Gas does not sell or fix appliances. We only supply gas.

Question: I need to dig or plant trees, who do I call?

Call New Mexico One Call at 811. They will arrange line spots for all your utilities. It is the law to have your lines spotted before digging for any reason.

Question: I sent you the letter of protection, preventing you from shutting off my gas. Why didn’t you accept it?

E.M.W. Gas Association is not regulated by the Public Regulation Committee (PRC). Therefore, we are not required to accept the Moratorium Letters.

Question: Why do you ask for the 3 digit code on my card when I’ve never had to give it before?

This allows us to process credit card payments for a lesser fee charged to us by the credit card company. We are trying in every way to keep our charges low so that we may, in turn, keep your charges low.

Question: By sending extra on my AMP each month, can I save toward the high usage months in winter?

No, the extra that you send will never go toward your AMP Excess. The extra will only show in the credit balance on the payment side of your bill and reduce your monthly payment. If you see a ‘shortage’ show up on your account where the ‘excess’ should be, call the office and we can adjust your payment amount at that time.

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