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AMP Billing

AMP (Average Monthly Payment ) Plan

E.M.W. Gas Association’s AMP Plan enables you to balance the higher cost of winter heating and lower cost of the non-heating months by paying a pre-determined, set payment amount monthly. This is based on the previous twelve month history. You will always be billed for the actual gas used. The AMP plan is a valuable, free service, which allows you to budget a set amount each month for payment over a period of twelve months for natural gas service. Another advantage is your monthly minimum is reduced by six dollars – a savings of seventy two dollars a year. Payments made after the 15 of the month will incur a late fee. Payments made after the 24th of the month could be subjected to disconnection on or around the 25th, and be dropped from the AMP plan.
To participate in the AMP plan you must have paid your account in full, have a satisfactory pay rating and have been on service at your current address for twelve months.

The AMP plan begins in July and continues through the following June, at which time your account will be reconciled. In June your bill will include the amount necessary to settle the account, which would be the difference between actual usage amounts billed and total payments. Your account will be monitored periodically during the AMP year and monthly amounts adjusted, if necessary, due to changes in usage and/or the cost of gas.
Due to the privacy laws E.M.W. cannot give out information to anyone other than the person/persons named on the account. Any changes made to an account, address change, phone number etc. must be submitted in writing.

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