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Pipeline Safety in Your Community

The purpose and intent of Chapter 62, Article 14 NMSA is to prevent injury to persons and damage to property from accidents resulting from damage to pipelines, underground utility lines, cable television lines, and related facilities by excavating and blasting.

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The E.M.W. Gas Association operates and maintains many miles of gas distribution pipelines in Torrance County and southern Santa Fe County.  These pipelines serve to deliver natural gas to residential and commercial customers.

E.M.W. Gas ensures the safety and reliability of the pipelines by routinely performing inspections and maintenance to keep the pipelines operating safely.

This includes (1) annual testing of the protection system to control corrosion on the steel pipelines, (2) annual leak surveys to identify any gas leaks, and (3) periodic patrolling of the entire pipeline to check for abnormal conditions along pipelines’ rights-of-way.

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