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It’s The Law

Call the New Mexico “One Call” center at 811 before you dig!

Whether you are a private homeowner with personal projects such as landscaping, planting or removing trees or shrubs, digging post holes to install fences, repair driveways, or a professional contractor with a major construction project, please call two (2) working days before you start your project.  The E.M.W. Gas Association will be notified by “ONE CALL” and will mark the location of E.M.W. owned gas lines at no cost to you.

Remember, this is a federal requirement and not an option!

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their own natural gas lines from the meter to residence to avoid corrosion and leakage.

The property owner must hand dig to locate the line.  Do not use mechanical equipment.

E.M.W. Gas Association will provide line spots on the owner’s property as a courtesy providing a Line Spot Waiver is signed by the owner.

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Board Meetings First and Third Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm

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